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    Moscow region
Kids Club Malka
Moscow region
Hidden in the age-old pines of the village of Zhukovka, there is a children's club, where children from one to seven years old gather during the day, and whole families in the evenings and on weekends. The main task was to create a space in which it is convenient to be involved in both the educational and the game process. Our solution was to create a "suspended" play mezzanines, which resembled cocoons of various sizes. Inside these mezzanines there are various types of climbing mesh structures, where you can both actively train in dexterity and calmly rest without interfering with the educational process in the lower classrooms.

The club with a total area of 175 m² includes: an entrance hall, three classrooms, a vertical playroom measuring 1.2 x 4 x 21 m with more than 20 different types of play elements, three suspended mezzanines, a kitchen, three toilets

Commissioned by: The Federation of Jewish Communities of Russia
Kindergarten "Sadik-Sharik"
Moscow region
This kindergarten is designed as a space maximally adapted for free play. Its interior and architectural form are united by a single artistic solution, mutually complementing each other. “Bureau Chekharda” took over a creation of a well-thought-out ergonomic layout and a playful interior.

Its ground floor is a public space with areas for water games, classes, free games and food. On the second floor there is a private space for relaxation and games. Zoning is done with minimal means. Thanks to this, we preserved the unusual atmosphere created by the vaulted ceiling of the domed building and the light streaming from the windows.

The interior of Sadik-Sharik implements the concept of free play. Game elements created by "Bureau Chekharda" spur imagination, fantasy, but do not impose a specific plot. Both floors are connected by a giant tree of wisdom, the landmark of this play space. Inside the tree there are manholes and ladders with exits to the slide, to the second floor and to the mezzanine. The branches of the tree rest directly on the dome. The tree immerses children in play, even during breaks between classes and while moving between floors.

We always try to offer children several scenarios to choose from. Even leaving the kindergarten, children can use the usual door, or they can go down the slide right from the window of the house.