Mission & Values
Our mission is to create complex, large scale, and unique architectural objects that are inspired by nature, and raise the profile of playgrounds in the modern urban environment with the aim of expanding the role of art and nature in kids' lives.

We put a child's individuality, inner balance, harmony, and ability to learn above all. We believe their ability to perceive complex ideas and images is greater than what is usually assumed.

We use cutting edge technology to construct safe, unconventional objects that can unveil the creative, spiritual, intellectual and physical power of kids.

We are constantly working to improve ourselves by studying human psychology, material properties, as well as finding new solutions to increase the impact of our work.

Educational projects
Our social involvement does not only help to promote our values, but also inspire us with new ideas.

In 2017 in Vladivostok, we organized a workshop for students who then designed a kids play zone in the park. In 2019, Daria Bychkova taught a course on Raw Nature architecture as part of the Master in Advanced Ecological Buildings program at the Institute for Advanced Architecture of Catalonia.

One of Chekharda's ongoing activities is the organizing of construction camps for kids. In 2018-2019, in cooperation with the Seekers kids club, we projected and constructed a life-size lighthouse on the shore of the Moscow river by Nikolina Gora village, as well as a playground around it. Together with the kids we also created a play zone for the “Green School” in Gorki Park, Moscow. At these camps, children learn to analyze space, take into consideration multiple details, master handwork, feel responsibility for their decisions, and deliver tangible results.

We give kids a unique opportunity to create real structures that will be used for many years instead of building mock-up facilities from degradable materials. After taking part in the construction camp, the kids help us to maintain and renovate their playgrounds.

Chekharda has contributed numerous articles to authoritative professional publications and we have conducted field research on child-friendly urban environments in Sweden and Denmark. The Bureau has also participated in numerous discussions and roundtable talks. One of our recent achievements in this field is the public lecture that Daria Bychkova gave in November 2019 at IAAC, Barcelona.

Awards & Recognition
Chekharda's projects have received numerous awards in Russia's and international prime competitions for wooden architecture.
In 2016 we won our first Achiwood prize for the “Nests” playground complex at the Archstoyanie Kids festival.
In 2017, the Bureau received its second Archiwood award for the «Giant Mushrooms» (or «Fairytale Forest») playground in Kazan.
In 2018, the same playground was awarded a Martella EdDesign Award (Finland) as an innovative educational project.
In 2019, the project «Fox Slide» won another Archiwood award for our Bureau.